HR Technology 2008, Day 2

Day 2 was full of action both in the session rooms and on the show floor.  Overall, the trade show events were well attended and at this point, I’d predict that if we see results worse than last year, it won’t be by a large margin.

In continuing with my video blogging, I had a great opportunity to chat today with fellow blogger Vinnie Mirchandani who shared with me some perspectives on the show, specifically some of the products he thinks should be showing up in the booths that haven’t.  Take a look at it here.

In the Lawson booth, we’ve had our ‘corporate magician’ entertaining the troops.  He did a great job of making a stop by the booth fun and interesting, and I’m happy to report many folks hung around for the Lawson pitch that followed — even after missing out on the opportunity to win the $100 bill he offered (due to his skilled slight-of-hand).

I was bombarded by folks as the show floor opened today at 10am, with everyone asking me — “Did you attend the analyst roundtable this morning?”  Thanks to a reporter (who shall remain nameless) that no-showed for our 9am appointment, I missed it.  I should have been there — evidently two of the analysts (Lisa and Zach — thanks!) specifically pointed out that Lawson’s work in talent management was differentiating us from the rest of the ERP pack.  You can’t buy that kind of publicity.

In my final video clip, I’ve included one of the magic tricks that Charles performed and also an interview with Lanny Sperry, the Director of HRIS at Spectrum Health, one of our new talent management customers.  More importantly, I asked him to recap the discussion in the analyst session for your viewing pleasure.

I’ll have some final show comments tomorrow after the event closes.  Enjoy!

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