HR Technology Postscript

Recovery after HR Tech is always a challenge, so I am a few days late in the promised post.

The economy took center stage at this year’s conference — put perhaps not for the reasons you might have expected.  I spent more time commisserating with my friends and colleagues about the damage to our 401k portfolios than how the business climate would hurt our industry!  But aside from that, here are a few summary observations:

  1. There is little doubt that the economy will impact our industry, but the conference offered us little tangible evidence of how challenging it might be.  Bill Kutik’s unscientific survey at the conference gave us a glimpse, and will serve as an interesting baseline to compare against.  He wrote about it in his most recent column here.
  2. The talent management technology market continues to mature — but the vendors still have a way to go, as does the market.  One thing I noticed for sure (systematichr also commented on the subject in this recent post):  companies are increasingly serious about getting the right kind of long-term integration strategy between their HRMS system of record data and their talent management databases.  We, of course, love that trend.
  3. Web 2.0 is still in its infancy — HR leaders are leveraging the wide range of open source tools to assemble collaboration environments (wikis, blogs, instant messaging, social networking), but no one is really tying together those elements are part of the HCM platform.

Overall, another great conference with lots of reason (macroeconomic dynamics aside) to be excited to an HR technology practitioner.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t finish this post with a plug for my interview on the Bill Kutik Radio Show this Wednesday, October 29 at Noon Eastern.  Or, for those of you that are iTunes subscribers — I hope I do my part to distract you on the treadmill!

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