My Views on the HR Technology Conference for 2012

The HR Technology conference is always one of those things that helps anchor me in how a year progresses.  I realize that’s pathetic, but after having attended as many of these as I have, it kinda gets under your skin.

This year is a different animal, I think — for a variety of reasons.  And with that, allow me to offer my top five reasons to consider attending the conference:

  1. The Cloud is really changing the way we think about HR technology, and this year is a big one for products and services that leverage it.
  2. I can almost smell the transition the market is about to take.  As an old-timer, I was here when PeopleSoft took over the world in the early 90s, and it looks, smells and tastes like another one of those cycles.  The product announcements are going to reflect that.
  3. Product implementations are aging, and the economy is improving.  That means lots of companies that badly need to upgrade their systems are finally going to be allowed to start doing it.  And it also means that vendors will be at the top of their game.  The fact that the conference hotels are sold out and exhibit space is non-existent (so I’m told) is a strong indicator that this one’s going to be a blow out.  Come and learn.
  4. I can’t resist the temptation to express my excitement for the Dayforce HCM launch that will be front and center at the event.  I can’t tell you any more than that (wouldn’t want to steal the thunder), but it’s certainly going to be the highlight of my first year at Ceridian.  I’ll be there with bells on.
  5. The conference guys gave me my very own, personal code that you can use to register for the event and save $500 on the registration fee.  So make me look good and now that you’re ready to sign up, go to and use the promotion code DUNIVAN12 to get the discount.  It’s just that easy!

I’m looking forward to meeting friends (both new and old) and continuing the great legacy that this event represents for our industry.  See you in Chicago!

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One Response to My Views on the HR Technology Conference for 2012

  1. Aoifegorey says:

    Thanks for the advice! This is my first year at HR Tech, I can’t wait! I have heard lots of great things. I will be blogging about “Attending HR Tech as a newbie” at

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