Showing Loyalty to Customers during Times of Change

recruitMaintaining Customer Loyalty During Times of Change

Change is hard and the only constant. Those are clichés, but that’s because they’re realities, right? Every time a big vendor of technology for human capital management gets acquired by an even bigger vendor, customers of HCM technology face uncertainty. The aftermath can be hard. Customers look for help, consistency and guidance. And they want loyalty from their vendors.

Providing Customers with Flexibility, Loyalty and Support

For some reason, I have always been the guy who’s ended up in charge of reinventing these platforms to help, keep and nurture customers orphaned by an acquisition—to keep their technology working for them. That’s a critical job. I did it at Lawson with talent management and now I’m doing it at Ceridian, with Dayforce HCM. Not to be biased, but what I like about Ceridian is that we’re breaking the cycle in a big way, showing loyalty and consistency to customers—helping them. That’s what drew me to this team. Ceridian is dedicated to providing our customers with a way forward—whether that’s to remain on our legacy technology and receive the robust customer service and support they deserve, or to migrate to the cloud with Dayforce HCM. And, of course, we’re doing the right thing for all those Dayforce customers who’ve joined us, too.

Rewarding Customers

In the past, our customers stayed with us more for our service than for our leading-edge products. Now they’re getting their reward. Their loyalty ought to be reciprocated. Ceridian’s long history of great relationships with customers has been our inspiration, and Dayforce HCM is the new vehicle to keep doing this.

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