3 Important Factors that can hinder your SEO Efforts

Worldwide, businesses employ SEO like the SEO Shark the Sydney company to help generate traffic. Traffic translates into sales and sales into revenue. The return on Investment provided by SEO is fantastic but there are certain factors that can hinder your SEO efforts if they are not given due weight age during the SEO campaign. Hence, every minute detail associated with the SEO job must be looked into and completed perfectly before it finally goes on air. We look at some of the factors that may wreak havoc to an SEO campaign if not properly addressed to.   

  • Quality Content – Unclear and haphazardly written contents are key factors that can hinder your SEO efforts. Within the SEO industry, it is always said that ‘content is king’. What it effectively means is that every possible step must be taken to ensure that the content that is being offered on the site is relevant for the search. High quality content will generate high quality pages. It is absolutely essential to provide content texts that suit the requirements of the site. If a site is a picture site, then in that case, much can’t be done yet a few words can certainly help to describe the picture. A small mail form or a link mentioning ‘more info’ can be useful to generate good traffic.
  • Page dynamics – <TITLE> is by far the most important aspect. Care should be taken to mention keywords in the <TITLE> constructively. Keywords should not be crammed in unnecessarily. That way, searches won’t give them top rankings and can become a factor that can hinder your SEO efforts. The keywords always work better when they are placed at the top left of the page. Then comes the use of heading tags, <H1,H2,H3>. The engines identify a page with the heading tag where the H1 is used for the main title while H2 and H3 are for section headings. Hence while dealing with headings, care must be taken to insert quality content in it or else there will not be much meaning.
  • Links and Dead Links – Links are perhaps the most important blocks in a successful  campaign in SEO and is a prime factor that can impede your SEO efforts if not taken seriously. Actually, it’s a kind of vote or endorsement for your site. The more links there is to a site; the better it is for it to rank in the search engine results page (SERP). Links are driven by the anchor text or the link text which are basically the words in the link.

In contrast, dead links are undesirable and a factor that can obstruct your SEO efforts. They lower the quality of a site and sites having them can even get penalized by some search engines!

Hence we can see that keeping in mind these three important factors can help avoid those issues that can obstruct a smooth SEO work. Most SEO companies understand these dilemmas and ensure that these parameters are carefully handled into the job. The success of an SEO job depends on the successful implementation of these factors as they are responsible for making or breaking a campaign. Therefore careful attention, planning, analyzing and execution are required when the SEO assignment is carried out.

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