4 Benefits to A Sit Stand Desk

You may have heard all the hullabaloo about standing desks, lately, but it is for good reason.  Apparently, there may be some excellent benefits related to switching to a Primecables stand up desk while at the office.

BENEFIT #1:  Lower Risk for Obesity

Studies suggest that people who sit for longer periods and more consistently tend to gain weight at a faster rate than those who move around more often (if they gain any weight at all).  With all other variables the same (diet, exercise, etc), the studies point to sitting at a desk for 8 hours at work (and then going home to do pretty much the same thing) is contributing to the increasing obesity rates in North America.

At the same time, the studies argue that it does not take much to turn this around.  You could park a little further away from the door to get a little more exercise. You could take the stairs instead of riding in the elevator, to get your heart rate up.  Also, you can get up from your desk and make a loop around the office; or you could work at a standing desk!

BENEFIT #2:  Lower Risk for Type-2 Diabetes

Studies also show there is a link between obesity and metabolic diseases so it would be quite easy to argue that anything which reduces obesity risk will likely reduce type-2 diabetes risk as well.  Looking more closely, though, these studies show that sitting all day results in higher fasting blood glucose levels and this can lead to reduced insulin response and then insulin resistance and then diabetes.

BENEFIT #3:  Lower Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

We actually have studies dating back to the 1950s that suggest sitting too long can increase cardiovascular risk; and the most recent studies seem to confirm this.  The concrete numbers of today pinpoint that even adults sitting just two hours a day longer than their peers can have a 125 percent higher risk for cardiovascular disease-related issues.  Also, this population is about 35 percent more likely to develop heart failure.

BENEFIT #4:  Lower Risk for Cancers

Cancer is big business these days but that also means we have a lot of studies that now tell us simply adding some physical activity to your day can help lower your risk for cancer.  Sitting too long and for too many days in a row, then, can actually increase cancer risk.  

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