5G wireless Verizon plan in 2018

In November late last year, Verizon confirmed that by 2018 they will launch 5G wireless services in five selected cities in the United States. Sacramento is the city touted as the first city to enjoy this Verizon 5G access. This 5G wireless service will have amazing speed; 10 to 100 times faster than any Verizon mobile connection now. This service will reportedly be enjoyed in the second half of 2018 and not only that, another market will be targeted at a later date. Analysts revealed their prediction that the initial opportunity for a 5G residential broadband service would reach no fewer than 30 million homes across the United States.

This development is certainly surprising because a very moderate estimate says that 5G services will most quickly arrive in 2019. Verizon will likely continue to run at conventional wisdom where they provide fast broadband services to customers’ homes without the need for an artificial ditch to grow fiber and optical cables .

This announcement explains that Verizon is the most advanced of the many companies that promise 5G wireless services as they have completed testing in 11 important markets in the United States. In light of this rapid development, the company explained that their belief in the millimeter wave spectrum is responsible for the rapid release of their services. To be known, the millimeter wave spectrum has a very high frequency, ensuring it can carry large amounts of data and transfer signals with the delay being made to a minimum.

Verizon is not the only company that promises 5G wireless services but they are the fastest. They are known as one provider with a variety of data packets tailored to a variety of online behavior of its users. Just as before they are the most convincing to implement wireless plans on time.

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