About Larry Dunivan

I am the executive VP of  products and sales at Ceridian HCM, a leading global business services supplier in the HCM technology space.  In 30 years, I’ve pretty much had every job you can in a software company — support, consulting, product development, product strategy, sales — so I have a pretty good idea of the view of the world as a vendor.

And for some reason, I’m passionate about this stuff — so much so that when I’d decided I was burned out from my first 20 years in the field, I left.  Four years later, in 2005, I reached an important conclusion.  When you learn as much as I have in 20 years in a single field, it seems pretty stupid to walk away from it without a second thought.  And that’s what I’d done.

So here I am, back working in the software business and frankly, having the time of my life! I blogged on and off for more than three years, and now I’m coming off an 18 month hiatus (translation:  no time, no energy, no motivation).  We’ll see if 2013 and beyond is different.

From a personal perspective, I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  I’ve been here since 1988 and have found it a terrific place to raise my two twin daughters, who are in college (sadly, far away from home).  Yes, the cold winters are daunting — but in August, when you’re a couple of hours north of the Twin Cities, on a boat floating atop a beautiful lake, you become forgiving!

Note:  the views expressed on this blog are my personal opinion and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer Ceridian.

8 Responses to About Larry Dunivan

  1. Hi Larry,

    I just found your new blog. I’ve already added it to my list of HR blogs to read. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Good luck! – Mark

  2. Kristie Nelson-Neuhaus says:

    Congratulations on your blog!

  3. Mr. Dunivan, I work for an HR PR/marketing firm. In fact, our blog [HR Markter] is on your blogroll. I would like to promote your blog to our clients by adding it to our database, but to do so I need an e-mail address. Please let me know if that is acceptable to you.

    Heath Davis Havlick
    Media Relations Specialist

  4. Kelly Walker says:

    Hi Larry,

    I am happy to have found your Blog and I look forward to visiting often. I hope the SHCM Launch was a huge success this week.

    From all of us at TTC/Resume Mirror, I wanted to thank you for your kind mention of TTC/Resume Mirror as your resume parsing partner.

    We look forward to our future work with you and your team and are thrilled to be a part of Lawson’s vision.

    Best regards,

    Kelly Walker
    Talent Technology/Resume Mirror

  5. Jim Dunning says:

    Good to see you’re still kicking around. Have many fond and fun memories of Lawson HR in the ’90s.

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  8. I enjoyed working with you Larry. Best wishes,

    Peter O’Keefe

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