Access Control System Concepts

Access control system, also called entrance exit control system, it is a intelligent control system familiar with manage the entering or departing of personals and goods. There are many common fire alarm inspections, for instance: using password authentication recognized fire alarm inspections, non-contact IC card readers authentication access control system, fingerprint, iris, palm-type finger vein biometric fire alarm inspections generally.

Access Control System Concepts


Entrance access control security management method is a completely new modern safety management system, which mixes computer automatic identification technology and modern safety safeguards generally, it requires plenty of new technology in electronics, machinery, optics, personal computers, communications technology, biotechnology and so on. This is an effective measure to solve the important thing sectors entrance implement security management. For a number of private sectors, for instance banks, hotels, server rooms, armory, private room, office, intelligence community, factories and so on.

The hardware might be split up into:

Multifunction Scanner: get laboratory personnel’s palm information and transfer for the host.

Host: Accept palm information which transmitted within the multifunction scanner and judgment for the controller orders and accepting controller information.

Controller: receiving orders within the host, and performed.

Motor: command execution controller, drive gear movement.

Transmission: transmitting motion involving the motor as well as the door.

Sensor: human through induction.

Burglar alarm: alarm when unlawfully entering the laboratory experiments.

Inside the rapid progression of technology and network technology today, access technologies have been rapid development. Access control system surpasses the mere entrance and key management, it’s become a whole access control system. It plays a vital role in the safe working atmosphere, personnel attendance management as well as other administrative work.

Increase in the attached auxiliary equipment in line with the machine might be elevator control, vehicle access control, property fire control, security patrol management, catering management charges, a very regional smart card management.

System functions:

Palm-type fingerprint iris biometric access control method is of high security, nevertheless the cost is high, due to the rejection rate and storage ease of applications bottlenecks, it weren’t broadly recognized with the market. Now the most used and customary is non-contact IC card access control system. Non-contact IC card method is become to the mainstream because of its high safety, convenience as well as the best cost performance.


Functions of access control system should fulfill the actual needs, not flashy. If an individual-sided pursuit of system of advanced, will definitely cause excessive investment, in the need to drift an excessive amount of. Therefore, the system’s utility could be the first principle to get adopted. Concurrently, the key-finish systems and system software products need have good learnability and operability. Especially operability (convenience), so while using primary computer operating level management personnel, by simple training can master the device operating essentials, to be able to get the job done working operating level.


The access control method is a ongoing extended-term work system, and so are carefully connected with this normal existence and work, and so the stability in the product is essential. System needs for your product to experience a mature market success application experience, using the proper client base and customer care system.


Access control system, all equipment and accessories in the safe and reliable operation performance, but furthermore while using relevant worldwide safety standards, also to work efficiently in the non-ideal atmosphere. Effective real-time monitoring and alarm linkage function to provide fully make sure the safety in the user atmosphere.

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