ArchieverFS, a Unique Archiving Software For Windows

For migrating massive amount of files from your live servers to secondary storage in a unique and controlled manner, AchieverFS is the best archiving software you can use if you are using Windows NTFS file system. The only file system is used in doing so, and no any part of the database is used to store files. Even to track the location of the archived file, no database is used. So, on your workstation or server, no external agents are put, the massive transfer of file take place through only tiny footprint on the host system.

Let’s discuss major key features of ArchiverFS:

  • From one UNC path to another UNC path, old files are migrated using characteristics like size, type and age of the file. If you want to store the files in the cloud such as Google, Amazon AWS, and Azure or in VM, NAS, iSCSI, CIFS share anywhere, ArchiverFS does it easily and quickly.
  • Files and folders that are used from start to end are NFS. Currently, an extensive system was handled at 3.4 PetaBytes in size in a single Datacenter edition install, which was a small VM vCPUs and 6 GB RAM.
  • ‘Direct File Access’ for instant access to content is used. Here users don’t have to sit and wait for a file to get returned on the live file system before they can access it. Files which need to return to the live system returns via daily maintenance job. The file properties and directory structures keep a track on the file which has been migrated to and from.
  • From a wide number of stubs, you can determine which should be left behind when a file is moved.
  • The process also includes 3 tier unique storage structures including Love, Graveyard and migrated states.

For more information please visit MLtek website.

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