Elo Boost Service

If you’re playing the League of Legends, elo boost is one of the services you need to have. It enhances the features of the game providing you an ultimate game experience.

But there are things that you need to know when using the boost so you’ll benefit from it. Here are some of the important things in the list.

System compatibility

Elo boost is very effective for the League of Legends game. However, there are some people who believe that it does not work. One of the reasons why it happens is due to the mismatch of the system requirement. When mismatch happens, the computer crashes. It means that the entire system gets affected and you may not use your computer.

On the other hand, when there’s a mismatch, the elo boost will not work.

To avoid the scenario, you must check your system. Avoid taking the risk without checking your computer.

Safety of your account

If you’ll be meticulous with the system compatibility, you must also ensure that your account is safe.

You can check for forums and blogs to check if the website you’re trying to access is safe. Don’t try testing the website without enough information. Don’t risk your computer with virus that comes with the website.

Chat and coaching service

The elo boost offers two services, which include the chat and coaching services. In the chat service, you’re allowed to chat with other people who plays the game. You get a peer-to-peer consultation for all your queries and most of the time you get the right answer.

However, if you’re looking for an expert advice, it’s better to get a coaching service. It’s not a hit and miss advice. You get all the things you need.

Boosting types

You can choose different boosting types that work on your current status. There are websites that offer division boost, wins boost, duo queue, placement matches and normal draft.

For the division boost, you choose your current rank then your desired rank. It contains full boost at no additional cost. If the boosting team handling the game fails promotion, it will continue to play until it achieves promotion.

For the wins boost, you need to take note your current rank then the number of wins you want. The boosting team will try to win all BO3 and BO5 games. It will also play the common games as long as there will be wins left.

The duo queue requires you to input the name of your summoner. The pricing for the game depends on the region.

The placement matches require you to input your last season rank and the number of games you want. The queues include Solo/Duo (5v5), Flex Summoners Rift (5v5) and Flex Twisted Treeline (3v3).

The normal draft queues include normal draft and normal blind. You can choose the number of wins you want so you can progress to the next level. Every account is VPN protected. It’s made possible through a dedicated application.

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