Five Things You Should Know About Toner Refill

A toner is a powder mixture that is used in photocopiers and laser printers for forming images and printed text on paper. This powdery mixture is generally present in toner cartridges that are installed in laser printers and photocopiers. The toners can be black and white or colored. It is important to understand that a toner is specific to a printer and should be used accordingly.

It is true that toners last way longer than inkjet cartridges, which is why laser printers are the preferred choice in offices but it still runs out. So, what would you do once your cartridge has run its due course? You can choose to refill it or buy a new one like Samsung Toner at Here are five things that you should know about toner refill:

  • It Is Not Advised by the Company: Toners are carefully packed by the industry in controlled environments. Attempting to refill a toner might damage the laser printer’s function. Therefore, it is advised to purchase a new cartridge rather than refill an old one.
  • Colored Refills Are Really Tricky: Although it is not advised by the company, there are a lot of places where you can get toner refills. Black and white refills are generally easy as there is only one color that needs to be filled, but when it comes to colored refills, the mixture should be exactly like the old one or else the printer might malfunction.
  • Toner Refills Are Less Costly: Refilling an old toner cartridge is less costly as compared to buying a new one, which is why many people prefer refilling an old cartridge. If your usage is limited to black and white, then you should get your toners refilled instead of buying a new one, but if it is colored, then purchasing a branded new one is advised.
  • Quality Isn’t Like Original Toner Cartridge: A refilled toner cartridge might have a lesser quality as compared to a new one as the packaging is generally tampered when refilling the toner cartridge.
  • Original Toner Cartridges Last Longer Than Toner Refills: As the toner cartridges are packed in controlled environments, the powdery mixture is unaltered, but when it comes to refilling cartridges, the mixture is generally tampered with due to external factors, which is why toner refills don’t last as long as the original toner cartridges.

Now that you know all important things about toner refills, it’s your turn to take all these aspects into consideration before deciding whether you should go for toner refill.

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