How to Create a Slideshow with Slideshow maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker offers all the essential features for you to create slideshows for your business and personal use. The slideshow maker offers a timeline where you can see the slides that you open and work on them by using different tools. There is no limit as to how many slides you can open on the timeline.

To load a picture that you want to use as slide, you simply drag it into the timeline. You are free to drag the picture to any position you want along the track in the timeline. Once you have arranged the slides into the right sequence, you can start editing them.

You can throw in multiple pictures by selecting all of them with your mouse and dragging them into the timeline. The Add Folder button is a feature that allows you to add one or more folders of pictures into the timeline at one time. Another feature for opening the picture files is the Add Media Files button which will launch the file open dialog box.

Movavi slideshow maker offers lots of transition styles for you to choose from. You can access the transition styles from the Transitions tab on the upper left side. You can go through the categories on the left and pick the transition style that you prefer. Once you have found one, you can drag it into the area in between the two clips where you want the transition to display. It will show a gray area with a transition icon if you overlay it correctly.

You can change the length of the transition duration by double clicking on it. A pop up will appear and you can enter the duration in hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds format. You can check the set this duration for all transitions if you want all the transitions to last for the same time length. In the transition properties, you can also choose whether you would like a random transitions to be applied to all the video clips. This can help you to save time in choosing a transition style of all the clips.

You can add animated titles to your picture slides in Movavi Slideshow Maker. To add animated titles, you must select the Titles tab on the left. When you select a title style, you can see the animation in the preview area. To enter the text, you must drag the titles to area on top of the clip and double click on it. When the title style is selected, you will see a few customization options on top of the preview area. You can change a few aspects of the title animations including duration, and speed.

When you are done creating your slideshow, you can click the export button to save it. When the save dialog box appears, you must go to the Save as Video tab. In the Save as Video tab, you can choose from 3 different qualities for your slideshow video including good, high and highest. Next, you must enter the save to destination and give the slideshow movie a file name before pressing the Start button to save it.

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