Mobile, the Crucial Recruitment Ingredient

In the world of recruitment, mobile optimization is a crucial part of finding and hiring the best candidates. Unfortunately, a mobile apply process is a rarity.  You need a Recruitment software that allows candidates to easily search and save job postings, and then quickly and efficiently apply from their smartphones gives recruitment service firms a competitive edge.

Job candidates are increasingly demanding not only a robust mobile-optimized job search but the ability to apply from their smart phones. According to a recent Pew Research study, 63 percent of smartphone users use their mobile devices to search for jobs, and 39 percent of them apply for positions by way of their smartphones.  Yet, 55 percent of recruiters still have no mobile apply process to offer. 

Why is mobile important?

In its 2016 RecruiterNation study, Jobvite determined that job seekers are looking for their next job at times, and in places, that require smartphone usage. 

  • 52 percent of respondents said they search for jobs in bed
  • 37 percent look for jobs while they’re working at their current job
  • 15 percent job hunt in the restroom

You need a recruitment software that enables mobile apply also enhances an employer’s ability to meet its diversity goals. According to a recent study by, Hispanics, African-Americans and women are the heaviest users of mobile technology. 

Google has made mobile-apply an even more urgent requirement.  As of April 2015, failure to meet Google mobile-optimization standards negatively impacts these websites’ placement when job candidates search from their mobile devices.  

Employers are still ignoring this demand, however, with only 19 percent committed to investing in a mobile-optimized career website, and a mere 10 percent planning to enable a mobile-apply process in the coming year. Clearly, recruiters have an opportunity to fill the crucial hiring gap for these folks, with a robust mobile-apply process in the recruitment software they offer their clients. 

An important ingredient in the mobile-apply process must be the ability to integrate social media profiles. The biggest obstacle to completing a job application on a smartphone has always been the cumbersome process of attaching a resume. Social platforms such as LinkedIn have eliminated this obstacle, enabling a one-click link to a job applicant’s Linkedin profile, as a resume substitute. Of its 238 million members, LInkedIn reports that 33 percent access the site from their mobile device. 

To offer the most effective candidate search to their clients, recruitment firms must offer mobile apply features and tools as part of their recruitment software package. 

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