Welcome to the World of Azeroth: A Beginners Guide

The fascinating and exciting world of computer games is attracting new gamers, who want to plunge into the incredible adventures of the game World of Warcraft. Independent first steps are not always easy, but in time, you will be able to fully learn all the subtleties and learn how to apply existing services, one of which is wow boost – raising the level of the character.

The main stages of the entry level include the following:

  • Create a new hero. To enter the exciting world of Azeroth from the series of World of Warcraft, this action is necessary. At the very beginning, you need to choose from a huge number of race, determine the appearance of the hero and what he succeed in, and then choose a class.
  • Manage the character using the keyboard and mouse. It can moved and interacted with. Also, with their help, you can receive assignments, track them, and take them after execution to receive a reward for it.
  • Destination. After overcoming the threshold in 10 levels, your character will sent on condition of assignments to different parts of the world. To effectively allocate time, you need to study the use of all the necessary tools (map, bank, vehicles, and teachers). When performing a group task, you will need help, so it will be appropriate to team up with other gamers (the team can consist of up to five players).
  • Search for dungeons. This search system can used when reaching the 15th level. It should check the job log, identify the roles of all players in the team, they need to know the duties. When bored with the battle with monsters can start a battle between gamers.
  • Creating a guild is necessary in order to have access to a common bank, into which all the players put their resources. When you have many friends playing World of Warcraft, you can create a guild yourself.
  • Mastering the professions will allow you to collect resources during the wanderings, use them in the future to create items that can then sold to other players and earn on it.

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