Before we talk about a low profile x-y table, let us first get a brief understanding of what x-y tables really mean and the functions which they perform.

X-Y tables are responsible for providing side to side or parallel movement for the sake of some automated machines like assembling robots in facilities where they manufacture. Many automated machines, such as the arms of a robot are restricted to some particular degree of rotation. So their range of rotation or motion is limited, and this is where the x-y tables come in to place. As we have said earlier, the x-y tables will help the basis of these machines to move in a parallel direction (X and Y axis). X-Y tables can also be called XY stages. The XY tables are horizontal slides which are motorized, and they move in a parallel direction usually by a linear motor. XY tables or stages are created with the intention of providing positioning that is of high-performance along with various numbers of axes.

How the x-y tables are being constructed

XY tables are being made up of surfaces that are flat, and they are on ball or roller slides with many linear or horizontal bases which posses what is being known as platens and forces as well. What the forcer does is to have continuous movement in a straight line motion over the platen by gliding on bearings that have no friction. For many axes to be created, the straight line bases have to be placed on top of each base. The Y-axis, which is the top axis, will be playing two different roles. It will act as the base which carries the bottom, and it will also act as the base holding the stage or table. These very XY tables which are being used often for the sake of moving an automated robot are known as “positioning tables.” Stainless steels and also cast iron are the materials being used to create an XZ table. The bearings are being made with bronze, while the frames are being made of aluminum.


A low profile x-y table is among the solutions that are very popular and have been widely used in the manufacturing system or industry. Even small scale business people who own workshops where they deal with woodwork and metal often make use of the low profile x-y table. You may be wondering why people tend to choose the low profile x-y table.

To know the reason why people often make use of this solution, let us take a look at some of the benefits and advantages of a low profile x-y table. Below are some the benefits of a low profile x-y table:

  • High accuracy

The size of a low profile x-y table does not determine its ability to accurately perform its functions. This very product may look small to the eyes, but it still provides high-accuracy in its work. The low profile x-y table has a wheel that has been marked and adjusted in a very accurate way in the imperial system so as to enable you to set the X-Y axes to your taste.

  • Travel range (Adjustable)

Unlike the standard X-Y table which does not have travel range that is enough to carry out the work of an object that seems so large, the low profile x-y table has an adjustable travel range. What this means is that you can easily configure or set the travel range in a way that it will carry out the work of large objects that are in your work area.

  • Efficiency

The size of a standard x-y table can be frustrating while dismounting and also mounting, especially when the space in your workshop is so little. This can also dampen your efficiency.

No matter the size, a low profile x-y table can still perform exactly the same function as the standard x-y table. It will make you have more space in your workshop and increase your efficiency.

  • A consistent quality of work

A low profile x-y table will provide you with more quality work because of its ability to maneuver woodwork and metals even when the pliers make them move out of position.

  • Easy and quick installation

The weight and size of a standard x-y table require a lot of time and energy before it can be installed.

But this is not the case with a low profile x-y table. It has a very lightweight and the size is smaller than a standard x-y table. This makes it very easy to be installed.

These are some of the reasons why people prefer the low profile x-y table.